Who is the Sailor Girl?

Nic_0004The Sailor Girl is Nic Douglass, an Australian communications professional and sailor who calls Sydney home.

Adventures of a Sailor Girl, as a business, produces content and promotes sailing events, brands and sailors themselves while following events around the world. From consulting work to support from our sponsors who we call “friends”, the money that is made by our work goes straight back into providing more content, and covering more events around the world to promote the sport of sailing, and support the sailing community. There are events that we are paid to attend, and then there are others where we know that our community will want up to the minute information, so we pay to get Nic there to cover the adventures for you.

Nic is not afraid of the not-so-glamourous side of sailing media, often sleeping on floors, and couches and living off tuna and oats just to make sure she can buy an airfare, or the technology to stream live. There is no end to the enthusiasm that drives Nic, and she inspires all that work with her, her MD, her staff, her board and her supporters to follow their own adventures.

8C1A2002What is the Sailor Girl’s work history?

The Sailor Girl has worked in event management and public relations for most of her life in some form, most recently with ten years in corporate communications in Federal Government, construction, sport and advertising industries. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communications, and two post-graduate degrees in psychology and marketing communications. In short, she is qualified and experienced to provide communications content for sailing events, classes and individuals who require publicity and she is keen to use her knowledge and passion to take sailing to the mainstream.

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Can the Sailor Girl actually sail?

Nic Douglass has been sailing for most of her life. Some of her first memories are of sailing on a Laser with her Dad, Rob Douglass, when she was small enough to tack through the vang.

Now Nic is known by most as the “Sailor Girl”, a presenter, commentator, MC – and all around sailing event promotion specialist with writing, photography and video as well as live broadcast capabilities, she is combining her career of over ten years in corporate communications and broadcast with her passion for sailing to share the love for her sport.

Nic sailed Manly Juniors while growing up, and crewed on whatever was available to get as much time on the water as possible. This was made easier when the family moved to Milton, on the South Coast of NSW when Nic was seven. At age 11, Rob Douglass bought home a Tasar, which they have raced together ever since, winning seven National Championships and three World Championships together.

Nic moved to Sydney in 2003 to study Communications, but mainly because she wanted to sail as much as possible. After winning her first Worlds in 2005, Nic knew she well and truly had the sailing bug. It was no longer a hobby, but a lifestyle.

She has crewed on a number classes including Ynglings, Farr 30’s (or as they were Mumm 30’s), Etchells’, and NS14’s including recent tactics positions on Farr 40’s, TP52’s and Melges 32’s. She has skippered Radials, Spirals, Ynglings, 470’s.

In 2006, when Nic was introduced to Match Racing, and through that had a chance to sail Ynglings, she jumped at the chance to travel overseas for her first World Cup and Grade 1 events. In 2006, Nic won bronze at Sail Sydney as skipper in the Yngling class, and in 2007 as bow for Nicky Souter.

In late 2007 and early 2008, Nic trained with the Australian Yngling Olympic team to help them prepare for the Beijing Olympics, and later that year commenced Match Racing with Katie Spithill and the Wot Chicks. With the Wot Chicks, Nic competed in a number of Match Racing Grade 1’s including the Criterium in Calpe, Spain, Match Cup Sweden and the Korea Match Cup where the Wot Chicks placed 3rd.

In late 2008, Nic was named in the Australian Sailing Development Squad, Women’s Match Racing Team in a squad with 12 other girls training for the London Olympics and spent a large portion of 2009 travelling Europe. Nic won the first Match Racing World Cup event in the new Elliots at Kieler Woche with with helm Katie Spithill and Nina Curtis. Following this event, Nic was also part of Katie’s winning team at Match Cup Sweden. In September 2009, teamed with helm Nicky Souter, and Nina Curtis, Nic became a National Champion in her second class, Women’s Match Racing.

288211_413930685317368_1612699599_oAfter not making selection shortly after the Match Racing Nationals in 2009 (for being too short), Nic won her second Tasar Worlds with her Dad in Japan. She then helped out Prince Frederik when he sailed her Tasar in the World Masters Games in Sydney.

A change of scenery was in order, and Nic moved to Canberra in late 2009 to work and re-group for her next adventures. Nic’s size had continually been flagged as an issue for her love of crewing, so she set to work on her skippering on Lake Burley Griffin, sailing the Laser Radial at Sail Sydney in 2009. Size again was not on her side, so she moved to the 470 for SIRS in 2010, sailing in the male division. She also spent a season crewing on the NS14 in 2011-12.

Nic jumped in at the last minute to sail the 2012 Match Racing Nationals, and made this her second nationals win in the class in a very windy series in Melbourne… there is something about tactics that really gets Nic’s heart racing but in recent years she has been working on her helming to understand all aspects of sailing in single-handers.

After a year back on the Olympic circuit in the 470 in 2012-13, Nic returned to her roots enjoying not having the “Olympic class” pressure and is just loving her adventures on 5o5s, the VX One and of course old faithfuls like the Tasar. She has been back on the Yngling and Thompson 8 but she loves trying new things, and has even done a bit of sailing on the 49er and 18ft skiff.

Nic competed for over twenty five years on the Tasar with her skipper, mentor, and life-long coach, Dad – Rob Douglass. He doesn’t mind her crewing, no matter how small she is! Nic skippered on a more permanent basis after a few years of 50/50 training, and the two enjoyed a season racing in reversed positions in 2012. Nic placed 5th in her first Tasar States as a skipper, and then 10th in the Nationals. The team won the 2013 Nationals swapping positions, which is legal in the Tasar class rules.

Nic and Rob have won now won three World Championships (2005, 2009, 2019), eight National Championships and six State Championships together.

She has campaigned with Etchells teams as a sailor and assistant coach, competed in sportsboats namely the VX One in Australia and the Caribbean. comanche 2She has sailed on a foiling IMOCA 60, Wild Oats XI, Comanche, Interlodge and Ichi Ban to name just a few racing yachts, and she loves to be invited to come out to race from twilights and grass roots to Grand Prix.

Nic loves to share her adventures via her blog, social media, YouTube and radio.

Small in stature, but not of character, it seems Nic Douglass was destined to have as many adventures as possible. The rest of the story is yet to be told…

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