At Adventures of a Sailor Girl we prefer to call our supporters, sponsors and what might be called advertisers “friends”.

Why?? Because it is with your support, and the support of the below companies that we are able to keep covering more and more adventures, and to keep you up to date on what is happening in the sailing world from on the ground, and as it happens!

For our rates which include packages from advertising on the website and mobile App through to sponsorship of major events, podcasts and YouTube clips, get in touch with our original Sailor Girl, Nic Douglass.

Thank you to our current friends…


Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance

After coming on board to help with the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge in 2016, Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance have also signed on to support the Rolex Sydney Hobart broadcast. We think this is the beginning of a fantastic relationship of covering sail & motor yacht action from cruising to performance, just as Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance covers all aspects of our industry.

BoaTEC Australia

BoaTEC Australia is Sydney’s premier boat building company, managed and owned by professional sailor and boat builder Lindsay Stead. These guys have helped out with a few projects this year, both with Nic’s sailing and with broadcasts, and we are really happy to have them on board for the Rolex Sydney Hobart broadcast.

Optical Solutions Australia

A big thank you to our friends at Optical Solutions Australia, without them our live TV coverage for the Rolex Sydney Hobart start in 2015 would just not be have been possible and now they just keep coming back to help us out with technical solutions, on call at all hours, and with kit. Thank you so much for providing solutions on a continual basis!

PipelineDrillersLogoPipeline Drillers Group

Pipeline Drillers came on board as a friend in mid 2016. Nic’s DSLR camera was damaged in early June when her car flooded during a storm, and the Pipeline Drillers team were so supportive following her work at the VX One Midwinters from Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron that they offered to help her out in a big way to get a new camera and lens. Thank you so much for your contribution to our adventures!

Growing Teams

Growing Teams have been employing Nic to do public relations contract work, to help her make the adventures happen. Growing Teams is managed by Sandy Eastman, who was the late Roger Hickman’s partner. Nic will be paying tribute to Hicko in this year’s broadcast by playing her interview with him from last year in the same time slot, with Sandy’s blessing.

The backbone

Sunset logoAs Nic Douglass is largely self-funded, her major sponsor would have to be Sunset Media, helping consumers to live vicariously through adventures. Nic loves helping businesses share their own adventures through a variety of media.

Opportunities for partnership with Adventures of a Sailor Girl and Sunset Media are available, and very welcome! We love to give back to all who support us on our adventures.

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