Wow – I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet.
Thank you so much everyone for your congratulations in so many forms since Saturday night from hugs in person, to texts and on Facebook, including the special release by Down Under Sail of their article from their fantastic Aussie grassroots ‘Year Book’ which covers the ups and downs of my “adventures”.
(Thanks also to Andrea Francolini and Daniel Belcher for the photos above!).
My congratulations again to all of the incredibly amazing finalists and winners at the Australian Sailing formerly Yachting Australia awards! I did try to see you all in person but my heartfelt well done to you all especially my good friend Alistair Murray on the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, the amazing Liesl Tesch on the “Presidents Award” also with, Daniel Fitzgibbon, Colin Harrison, Russell Boaden, Jonathan Harris and Matt Bugg for the “Disabled Sailor of the Year” and Lisa Darmanin and Tom Burton on “Female/Male Sailor of the Year” respectively. I was bit tipsy by the time I got to interview our amazing Australian Sailing Team winners at the end of the evening, so not sure whether to post them just yet (apologies!), but a big congratulations to you all on an amazing four years and not just for Saturday!
Quite simply (but in way more words!), Saturday was an amazing evening to celebrate sailing in Australia, to see so many friends (some of my favourites were sharing the same table – best, Michael Fletcher, Amanda Lulham, Matt Owen xxxx), and I was personally so happy to have my parents, Rob Douglass and Andrea Douglass there with me, my two biggest supporters!
Thank you also to my amazing sisters, Kate Douglass and Bronwyn Douglass and other “family” (you know who you are) including the amazing Hay Lam Yau and his family, who have been a partner in the business since the beginning and made it all possible.
A massive thank you to all of our company friends, especially Zhik for the ongoing support over the past 11 years, Brian Conolly you are incredible at making me as efficient and somehow as stylish as possible on and off the water, and Optical Solutions Australia and Pipeline Drillers you have made it easier to do what I do tenfold in terms of technology xx
I do want to say thank you to all of you out there who give so much to our sport regardless of awards, sailing can’t exist without our shared passion for the sport that we love.
Feeling so thankful that I am able to be involved with sailing on so many levels – and so happy to have shared the adventures with you all including the recognition of “Sport Promotion Award” at the Australian Sailing Awards which is just simply amazing 💙
Thank you for the continued support, thank you for sharing your own stories and I can’t wait to see where we can take the sport of sailing together.
Much love, Nic Douglass – Sailor Girl xx
Nic Douglass